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Nov 18, 2012 6:30pm EST
. the redskins came into today's game. brandon meriweather returned to the lineup. the men of the day once again is rgiii. after an eagles turnover, griffin might open -- wide open. a seven-nothing skins. fires steep to a wide open. -- deep to a wide-open. third quarter magic. rgiii sends up the bomb. it is caught by santana. better with age, fine wine. the skins when a 31-6. they are now four and six. >> this is big for us. we all knew it. it is time to bunker down and make sure you put your best foot forward. every time you step on the field. the way we played physically, i thought it was extremely impressive. >> believe it or not, there's actually a chance in the division. >> that is a good thing. thank you. >> let's get to steve rudin right now to find out what is ahead for the evening and beyond. >> and nice evening ahead. warmer temperatures as we move through the upcoming holiday week. take a look outside. here is the latest satellite. clouds beginning to roll in mainly from the south and east. this is from that storm that is not going to have an impact on our area besides the clouds. out
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
for the season with a severe concussion. safety brandon meriweather is on practice. pierre garcon on practice. >> it's a pain every time, you know, walking, running, inrunn. i want to help the team in a positive way. not limping around or making an excuse as to why we're not playing well. day-to-day, we monitor it. i really don't want to get surgery. >> and he has been consistent about that. no surgery for that guy. at least if he can put it off as long as possible. talking baseball now, outfielders bryce harper, the national league rookie of the year. diamond back's pitcher with 16 first-place votes to miley's 12. harper at 270 with 22 home runs. the second most for a teenager in major league baseball history. tonight, harper reiterated that he has bigger plans for himself and the nationals. >> i'm never satisfied with any of my numbers. you know, i think my biggest goal is winning the world series. this is amazing to win this award and to have this accolade. but i want to wring a title back to d.c. that's my main goal as a team, as an organization. we're going to reach that and i think tha
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
why we're not playing well. >> they need him bad. brandon meriweather also going to play too. >>> tonight we continue our friday night high school football show. we take a long trip to fredericks county. highlights lead the way at 11:00. >>> probably only about 200 people in the dmv who really believe maryland can beat florida state tomorrow. the seminoles were once a national championship favorite. maryland, well, you know the story, battered like no other team in history. four quarterbacks down, leading rusher down, a promising season, gone. now, florida state is a heavy favorite tomorrow. maryland has countered by unveiling these black uniforms. maybe they'll be invisible tomorrow and the seminoles won't see 'em. they need it. >>> the terps are going to need it bad. >> we've got to play a perfect game. if we wanna have a chance to win, we gotta play a perfect game and we gotta make sure we get turnovers against them. that's what we're gonna have to do. >> hmm. that and a whole lot more. >>> all right. on maryland's campus tonight, the hoops team gets back to work. brooklyn
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
garcon and brandon meriweather. mike shanahan said after today's practice both will play barring setbacks over the weekend and boy, could the team use those two. meriweather hasn't played all season because of sprained ligaments in his knee. he was ready to go in week four, but reinjured the game. garcon door a ligament in his right foot in a season opener and has been in pain ever since, but he says he's ready and so is his qb. >> brings a little joy to get back on the field and knowing that you're not 100% isn't as happy as i want to be, but trying to take the positive out of it and being out there and try and give my team some energy to play forward and make this run. >> it will be good to have him back. he looked good. like i told him, we're going to have many great games together. so we might as well go ahead and start it now. >> the skins and eagles sunday at 1:00. that's a wrap on sports, but emergency will be right back. good night. -- but the news edge will be right back. good night. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
, brandon meriweather, jammal brown and pierre garcon keeping their fingers crossed for a return to the game. even robert griffin, iii could use rest. the rookie has been roughed up through nine games. after sunday's game he had x- rays taken for sore ribs, but with the bumps and bruises healed griffin is looking for an improvement following the bye. he understands fans are frustrated with the start and says it's the players' job to fix it. >> people are going to criticize, the coaches and players and say a drastic change needs to be made, but i don't feel that way. i feel it's on the players to make sure we go out and play regardless of what coach calls, offense, defense or special teams. we're the ones playing. we got to make plays happen. >>> maryland hoops open the season friday against the defending national champion kentucky wildcats with help from xavier transfer des welsh who was expelled for criminal allegations but were dropped. today the ncaa approved the waiver appeal from wells. >> he's very explosive. he's a great defender, a great teammate and doing great job being a leader be
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and not heading into -- everybody wants to right that ship. they're going to have to do it without brandon meriweather the safety. he's out again. he's never been not in one game this season but they were hopeful after watching him practice this week. it's a no go now. plan is to get him healthy and get him in after the bye week. the leaky secondary continues. d-hall getting the pass from the league. he's going to play with his fine and his warning. the secondary's been taking the brunt of the criticism aft in the league in pa defense but the pressure is on the entire defensive unit who's only ranked two spots better. players say the problem is not just with the dbs and safeties. >> it's on the whole defense. it's up to us to get a better pass rush. it's up to the linebackers to be where they need to be in the secondary. i'm not going to sit up there and point fingers at the secondary because we're a team. it's hard to cover guys in this business but that's why we're professional footballs and it's our job as the defense to get it corrected. >> it's not something we feel good about, not so
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
. the outlook is better for safety brandon merry meriweather who has been out and jammal brown has been out during hip surgery. skins have two weeks to make a decision whether to activate him or not. >> feel a lot looser, can bend a lot more. easier to see after a week or so how it feels, but i feel good. it was a great day for me. i will i went in and got some extra work. i told jordan black i'll take the rest of these. i'm feeling good. so it just feels good. >>> a special night for adam oates, new caps head corporation one of four former players inducted into the hockey hall of fame. 19 years in the league, parts of six seasons with the capitals and it all started as an undrafted player and he'll never forget the day he got the call to the hall. >> last june was a very special day for me. i got a call from george mcphee telling me i was going to be head coach of the washington capitals and 15 minutes later i got a call telling me i was going to be in the hall of fame. it was a pretty emotional day. >> i can imagine. that's sports. brian wraps up the edge right after this. where others f
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7